Foil Prints (and Free Printable!)

I'm a DIY-er by nature so wedding planning was a time of crafting (and crafting, and more crafting). I decided the best way to go about invitations was to make them when I stumbled upon a few different tutorials on how to add foil to paper and figured it didn't look too hard.

Well guess what... it isn't!

The hardest part for me was setting up the printer. I still don't think it's connected to the internet, and that's the main feature of the printer itself... but I digress.

The first step was ordering the supplies. I needed...
1. Laser Printer (NOT inkjet... it must be toner based)
2. Laminator
3. Toner Reactive Foil
4. Paper

Next I had to choose or make a design and print it on the laser printer...
The possibilities are endless! Just remember that wherever there is toner ink, the foil will stick. You want something that has positive and negative space- not a gray scale black and white photo. 

Try it out and share the results! I'd love to see your projects :)


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