Bedroom Update

Guys... Making a bedroom come together is basically a full time job. I've been in a new house for almost two months now and it's still not complete. Despite this fact, I thought I would share a quick update of some of my favorite pieces so far! 

The bedding I have tends to get changed out (a lot) because my dog finds it funny to jump into the pond and then run inside and roll around the bed. Because of this, I've found a cheap and simple back-up duvet cover that's around $20! It's definitely not fancy in any way... but it looks decent and I don't feel bad when my smelly pup wreaks her havoc on it. I wasn't ready to settle on anything scratchy as far as sheets and pillowcases go. Polyester is the worst for my sensitive skin, and although silk is too expensive at the moment for sheets, I found a great deal on a silk pillowcase! Great alternatives to silk for sheets (for those of us with sensitive skin) are organic extra long staple cotton and sheets with fibers made from bamboo.

After weeks and weeks of deciding on the right TV console (after finally giving in to the idea of actually having a TV in the bedroom), I picked out one that fits perfect. I'll give you fair warning... It's a bit more complicated to put together than a piece from IKEA. A handy friend (or boyfriend in my case) is needed if furniture making isn't your thing. The time and effort is worth it because it's such a good looking piece!
My office is in my bedroom, and although the decor is separate I still consider it a part of the room as a whole. I think my favorite piece I've ever bought is the french bulldog tape dispenser from Target. Do I use tape frequently? Not really... but it makes me happy, so that's what matters. My blue office chair is one of those pieces that doesn't completely fit in with the style of everything else, but a purchase I made out of sheer comfort. I can't stand the feel of most chairs (or for sitting that long to be honest), but this chair is great! I keep an accent pillow on it for extra back support. The shelves are listed below but in different colors, so I also linked a similar pair that is in the same white color. They are simple shelves that have followed me around since I lived in New York and hold my cheesy trinkets (that are probably a major style faux pas but hold sentimental value).

So far I have most of the pieces I need and am just working on the finishing touches. I love to accrue little pieces here and there from various places. It's definitely easy to find eclectic and vintage pieces in and around Los Angeles (Melrose Trading Post, anyone?). When that fails, you can always find a bargain on knickknacks at T.J. Maxx and Ross (like the baskets pictured below).

Once everything is together I'll add some pictures! But for now I'm just going to watch 'Wildest Dreams' on repeat...


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