Meet Melanie

Hey! I'm Melanie, a 20-something dreamer and DIY-er.
I take way more selfies withof my dog than socially acceptable and have no shame when eating a big bowl of ice cream after a bowl of quinoa and veggies. All in (somewhat) moderation, am I right?
I love painting, my Cricut Explore, dancing, and hitting up all of the amazing LA farmers markets.
My whole life I've lived in big cities (Las Vegas, NYC, LA) but have it engrained into my mind that I'm a small-town girl... don't judge. Apple picking, horseback riding, and stargazing are all personal favorites.
Oh, I also graduated from UNLV in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology... in case you find that relevant!
I hope that this blog can not only provide inspiration to readers out there, but to hear your feeback and ideas!


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