Galentines Day 2017

“You know my code: hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses…Ovaries before brovaries.”

-Leslie Knope
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When I think of a perfect way to spend an evening I think of a few things- close friends, sweet treats, and lots of crafts! To be honest most days consist of crafting, so why would Galentines Day be any different? (The day before the party was also full of crafting to make most of the decorations!)

We had a variety of different crafts, but we collectively agreed that our favorites were the mini terrariums, and the Galentines Day tote bags!

The terrariums were simple! We had succulents, moss, sand or dirt, jars or vases, and ribbon. We also spray painted dinosaurs from the dollar store to add in a bit of fun decor. To make patterns in the sand I pushed the sand down with a toothpick.
The tote bags took a bit more time and patience but weren't difficult at all! I uploaded a graphic that a friend designed. In the Cricut Design Space website I uploaded the SVG file. I turned the knob to "iron-on", flipped the text to be a mirror image, loaded in the glitter iron-on sheet on the standard grip mat, and pressed go. After weeding out the excess, I flipped it over, placed it on the tote bag, and ironed it on. Once it cooled and I removed the plastic sheet it was all done!

Of course we also had wands (also spray painted from the dollar store), crowns, a mimosa bar, and chocolate shot glasses!

Other decor included flowers from M Floral Boutique, a photo wall made from crepe paper and a "love" balloon, and a DIY giraffe platter. The photo wall made such an impact and only cost a few dollars! I used about 4 rolls of crepe paper total. I taped them in an alternating pink/red pattern near the ceiling, twisted them, and taped the bottom. The giraffe platter started as a giraffe toy and two pink plates. One of my close friends came up with the idea after being inspired by another blog post. She spray painted the giraffe (if you can't tell, we LOVE gold spray paint), cut it in half, and hot glued it all together. 
To finish it all off, we had homemade sushi, chocolates, and cookies. Can't go wrong with that!
We had such a fun night of friends, food, crafts, karaoke, and girl power!
And on another completely unrelated (yet related to giraffes) note, is anyone else still waiting for April the giraffe to have her baby? I'd like to be able to sleep again. Come on girl!


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