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Get ready for picture overload! I finally got around to uploading the hundreds upon hundreds of pics I took over a week ago at the San Diego Zoo. I love almost everything about zoos (except how animals are stuffed into environments way too cramped for them, and often times way out of their natural climate... but we won't get into that too much today). 
My beautiful niece loved learning about so many animals she's never heard of before. This sweet girl is about to start kindergarten in a few weeks (and she already knows how to read!).
Shampoo commercial anyone? Haha he was definitely showing off for us. 
Squished coins are one of my favorite trinkets from zoos and amusement parks and I loved sharing this tradition with my nieces and nephews! Also, my giraffe tank is 40% off! My sunnies are sold out but the ripped boyfriend jean shorts can be found here.
Little J likes to eat with his toes... He literally has a teddy graham in those puppies. To each their own I guess! Side note about this kid- he took off one of his shoes about ten minutes in and lost it, so he was in the stroller all day long.
I took so many pictures of the secretary bird because of sheer lash envy. Besides the beautiful eyes, they are amazing hunters catching prey ranging from snakes and tortoises to hares and even crabs. So awesome!
One of my favorite cats is the serval. They are solitary and territorial, intelligent, and hunt small prey, often playing with it before eating it. 
To last animal of the day we saw was the panda! The line earlier in the day was over a half an hour, but nearing sundown there was less than a two minute wait. This guy just wanted to eat some bamboo and take a pee break... oh to be an animal.

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And seriously, get the caramel churro sundae. SO worth it!

Linked below are a few awesome animal tanks :)


  1. You took some amazing photos! It looks like a great day :)



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