Romper Romp

Rompers are fun! They are the easiest outfits to coordinate and they literally beg for you to take a romp through the park... which is basically Brooklyn's life mantra. She wishes she was an outside dog.
Anyways, I've tried something new! I teamed up with my amazing boyfriend to capture a short and sweet video. Often times pictures just seem so stagnant; they don't include all of the fun that's being had! (Plus it's fun to pretend you're an actor... which I could never be because I only seem halfway normal behind a camera when I'm able to forget that it's there). But guys- it's in 4K!
Below the video I've linked the items I wore, similar items (since this took way too long to edit and most everything is sold out :/ ) and a huge list of rompers I love!
Enjoy :)

Rompers I Love


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