July 24, 2015

Romper Romp

Rompers are fun! They are the easiest outfits to coordinate and they literally beg for you to take a romp through the park... which is basically Brooklyn's life mantra. She wishes she was an outside dog.
Anyways, I've tried something new! I teamed up with my amazing boyfriend to capture a short and sweet video. Often times pictures just seem so stagnant; they don't include all of the fun that's being had! (Plus it's fun to pretend you're an actor... which I could never be because I only seem halfway normal behind a camera when I'm able to forget that it's there). But guys- it's in 4K!
Below the video I've linked the items I wore, similar items (since this took way too long to edit and most everything is sold out :/ ) and a huge list of rompers I love!
Enjoy :)

Rompers I Love

July 22, 2015


Have you guy heard of a little place called Lemonade? 
Well now you have! 
This place is my new favorite. I've been here a few times the past week and it just keeps on getting better! It's set up inside like a well assembled cafeteria... but don't think of it as cafeteria food because that just doesn't sound appetizing. You grab a tray, pick some sides, a main dish, other sides, a dessert, a drink, and then you pay. Feast your eyes out because it's dangerous, and if you don't have a game plan you'll end up with half of the restaurant on your tray (which really isn't a bad thing). Portions may not seem huge but the food is filling. It's a light feeling of full though, not the type where you might fall over and die (like In-N-Out or Chipotle). 
Brooklyn was beyond stoked because my handsome boyfriend of mine just can't resist giving his doggy baby so many table scraps. She's only a little overweight...
"Thanksgiving in a sandwich" (which is what I call it) for him, and a chicken/arugula/pesto/mozzarella sandwich for me... and a side of mac & cheese to share because I can never resist. 
Lemonade has a few locations (most in California and a few in the Middle East). My favorite is located at 12401 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604. Go check them out at lemonadela.com
A baby sized strawberry lemonade cupcake and a twirl (which this dress is so made for) and on to the dog park we went. I seriously wish I got a picture of Brooklyn post dog park... her muddy slobbery smile was so worth the trip!

Two major things I'm loving on this week (besides Lemonade): the Nordstrom Sale, and this amazing dress! The dress is under $25, which is crazy! It even has pockets which just makes my heart happy :) I paired the dress with some old but favorite items of mine- the Mini MAC bag, my tortoise sunnies, and cowboy boots that I should probably retire but will NEVER get rid of! I linked a similar pair above. As almost always, I added simple jewelry (in mixed tones... because if someone says it's "a thing" my laziness is going with it). 

July 10, 2015

Nordy Sales!

There's no question about it... I love Nordstrom! 
Luckily for me (and all of you lovelies too) is that there is an AMAZING sale happening now! Ok, so right now it's early access for cardholders until July 16 and the best deals are going fast! Nordstrom's double points last from July 9-16. The sale starts officially on July 17 (until August 3) in stores and online!

I've picked out some of my favorites for you to browse through...

Now... I'm off to spend all weekend shopping!
Let me know what you find :)