After spending most of the day at the beach in Malibu on Monday, I headed about 20 miles north to my childhood town of Ventura. I hadn't been back since I was about 11 or 12 years old so it's been a while! I first checked out my childhood home (which looks like the current owners don't take good care of it currently) and then walked west a few blocks to my elementary school! Somehow I still remembered how to walk there!
Brooklyn enjoyed exploring a town she's never been to. Serious drools are sliming up her face in this picture! We decided to take a look around the grounds of Elmhurst since all of the gates were open...
Upon entering we found this tile that I hardly remember making 16 years ago! 
How crazy is that? I mean, not as cool as having one of those bricks outside of Disneyland, but still... let me have my moment!
I totally creeped around and found all of the classrooms that I basically grew up in! Brooklyn was stoked...
Memory lane is real, guys! 
After reminiscing for a while, we headed to Downtown Ventura for a quick sugar fix before heading back to L.A. We stopped at Rocket Fizz at 105 S Oak St #100 Ventura, CA 93001.
The shop is packed to the brim with specialty candies, vintage candies, and everything in between! There were probably at least 50 flavors of salt water taffy... and the 15 or so I tried were all delicious! (A major sugar high and then sugar crash soon followed.)
There were coolers and coolers full of soda flavors I've never heard of! Bacon, corn, kitty piddle... yeah, everything!
A few more confusing smiles and we were back on our way home just in time for dinner. It was such an amazing day full of laughter, sunshine, memories, and sugar!


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