Simple Bridesmaid Accessories

In just over a month my beautiful friend Kelly is getting married! I am overjoyed for her and her fiance and am ecstatic to be a bridesmaid! This is my third time being a bridesmaid am I am happy to say that I've been lucky enough to LOVE all of my bridesmaid dresses (thanks guys!).

For Kelly's wedding, which will be held in a gorgeous area just outside of Denver (and a few miles away from Vail), I am wearing an A-line, V-neck pale peach colored dress with lace detailing at the top and a chiffon-like just above the knee length bottom. The dress will be gorgeous, but just today I realized I am in desperate need of accessories! Us bridesmaids have been asked to wear simple gold jewelry, the earrings to be studs or a small dangle length, and nude heels. The pairs of nude heels I currently own are TALL. I'm 5'9" already, while the bride and other bridesmaids are around 5'3" to about 5'6". Normally I am completely comfortable being that girl rocking her heels and proudly standing over 6 feet tall... but since it is such a special occasion (and I would love for my head to actually be in the pictures) where the bride is the main focal point, I don't want to be distracting.

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I've picked out lists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and nude heels. They are all so pretty and I would love your advice to make some quick choices here! (Either that or I might just buy it all...) Just so you know, some of the pictures show up in other colors, but the correct colors are listed on the website. All of the pictures in the title photo right above are also linked! They will take you right to the website if you click on them :) Take a look around and let me know what you think!





Nude Heels
 I have a few favorites picked out that I will be running by the bride, but what would you wear? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I wish I had this post last year when I was planning my wedding! Great picks for bridesmaids hun and great post!

    Would love if you took the time to check out my new post ;)

    Helen xx

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