Captain America

Captain America Shirt || White Boyfriend Jeans || Blue Keds || Similar Elephant Bracelets 1 2 3

What's not to love about Captain America? The answer... nothing. Yeah, you know I'm a bit obsessed with the Capt. when you catch me stealing my boyfriend's shirt and claiming it as my own. Luckily someone designed boyfriend jeans so I don't have to steal those too... and oh how I'm so thankful for whoever that someone is somewhere who invented them (and called them fashionable) so I can be extra comfortable! I've been digging the whole casual look lately, especially with the weekend just a few hours away!
To finish off my weekend look, I'm wearing a worn in pair of Keds and an adorable elephant bracelet (which is probably almost as old as I am, so I linked some current/similar ones). This look is so different than my usual sundress and wedges style, but I'm really loving it! Now, if only someone can make it so that white jeans never stain...

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How do you plan on spending your weekend? I'll be getting my wisdom teeth out (ahh!). Wish me luck! Hopefully you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and productive couple of days off!


  1. Nice Casual Look

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  2. oh my goodness, how fun is this. Love these pictures, girl. You look stunning. xx

    Fash Boulevard

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