Why It's Great to Be an Aunt

This past weekend I was able to spend some great family time in Vegas (which is what I do while in Vegas... growing up there is way different!) and had an opportunity to snap some quick photos of these adorable munchkins! 
Being an aunt is the best! Your nieces and nephews adore you, are excited to see you, and you get too leave when they are too crazy (sorry sis). Capturing smiles from four high energy tots while mega gusts of winds were blowing and the sun was at it's peak for the day... not the easiest! Despite this, they were all smiles and nobody ran away. Ok, so little J almost made it across the park while I was taking photos of the parents, but we made it out with four alive kids and that's what's called a successful day! 

I absolutely love watching these adorable kids grow up and am so glad I had a chance to get them all together into a few pictures, which is a lot considering there are four of them 5 and under! 


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