New Layout Design, Upcycled Chair

Years ago I bought this chair in the hopes of reupholstering it. I didn't get very far and the faded ice blue velvet has remained. This chair was one of those finds that I couldn't pass up... 40 dollars at the local Goodwill! I have this thing about not buying upholstered items secondhand, but I took a chance because of the great bones and general comfiness. Happily I report, there were no bed bugs or gross things of any kind, just a somewhat faded spot from many years of being sat in. It doesn't bug me; the chair feels loved.

When I bought the chair, I was still living with my parents in Nevada. After a move to both New York and then to California, the chair ended up in the back of my parents' guest bedroom. Finally on a visit last week I was able to fit this chair (which is deceivingly bigger and heavier than it seems) into the back of my car to take back to California. My poor 70 pound giant of a dog had to squeeze into the front seat, but she's a trooper and we all made the four hour trip with no complaints. 

Upon arrival, the chair stayed in the car for the next day until I had some more muscles to help me lug it up the stairs. That's what boyfriends are for, right? Now it's placed in the far corner of the living room right next to where a tall bookshelf will eventually be. Currently in that spot is just a stack of books, but pulling together a room takes time! Or I'm just busy and slow- it's hard to tell. The point is, after almost a year of living here it's coming along. 

My boyfriend has declared this spot as the "blogging chair." And that's what this heavy blue chair really is! It's right next to the coffee table so I can easily enjoy a cup of tea, it has perfect sunlight during the day for reading, and for some strange reason it helps me to creatively think. I love this spot!

As far as reupholstering the chair, I'm not sure. So far I'm loving it just the way it is in its new spot. My living room almost feels complete and the blue color mostly fits in with the color scheme. It feels comfortable, which is what I'm all about! I definitely love this piece. 

I'd love to hear about your own secondhand finds! Comment below and share any comment or questions.


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