My Favorite Dresses- Lulu's (with Coupons!)

I have a few loves in my life. There's the obvious- my boyfriend, my dog, my family... they're the best. Then there are the things that make life a little better- random adventures, pizza, crafting, and dresses! If I could wear dresses eternally, I would. And let's face it, I live in Southern California so that's basically just what I do! I feel that dresses are the most versatile type of clothing. They are one piece, super comfortable, and can be worn fancy or casual. I don't have to sit there matching outfits, and I don't even have to wear a bra half of the time. It's love!

A few months ago, my best friend had her wedding (which was beautiful and you can look at all of her amazing photos on her blog at She picked out her bridesmaids dresses at and I must say, we looked hot! But seriously, amazing dresses that flattered us all and were under 100 dollars? She's a saint for not dressing us up as fluffy pink cupcakes!

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But obviously before the big day there was an engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner; all of these needed cute and affordable outfits! So obviously I went to Lulu's. While I'm shopping on their website I usually add on a few extras because there are always such great sales. On top of all that, each time you order they send a coupon for 15% off your next purchase. So addicting!

Excuse the low quality photo, but we love our Lulu's dresses!

This past weekend I took a trip to Vegas to visit family and celebrate Destiny's birthday! It was so nice to get the girls all together again and just have fun! All of us ladies sat there before dinner talking about where we got our outfits from (as we do) and half of us were wearing Lulu's dresses! We then had a long conversation about how many Lulu's dresses we own, the best coupons we've ever gotten for them, and when we'd be buying next! If I could buy stock in this company, I would. The quality is always amazing, the styles are so fashionable, and I get so many compliments when I'm wearing a Lulu's dress!

Shop Cute Dresses At LuLu*s

Hands down, this company is amazing. I was a customer LONG before being an affiliate with them! Their size of inventory is large and their prices are very affordable with high quality. 

Now for the fun part... Coupons!!!

For today only (3/13 until 3 PST)-

Save 30% on Daily Delight Emerald Green Slip Dress From LuLu*s!

Save 30% on Slit the Big Time Ivory Top From LuLu*s!

Save 30% on Not Like the Rest Teal Blue Crop Top From LuLu*s!

Shop Lulu*s and enjoy $10 off + Free Shipping on orders over $100 - Use promo code 'Freeship10' at checkout. Click Here!

Hurry to the site while the sales last! Let me know what you ordered!


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