Brentwood Farmers Market in California

I'm wearing the Pollen All Ivory and Red Floral Print Dress from which is currently out of stock :/ It may come back though and I will keep you updated! 

This Sunday I decided to check out another one of Southern California's amazing farmers markets! I didn't realize it, but with the general lack of traffic on Sundays, Brentwood was a super close only 15 minute drive! So worth the trip! 

I picked up some amazing berries. I'm not sure what it is, but if you get fresh fruit from a farmers market it tastes at least 100 times better than store bought fruit. I can never resist and once I'm home, it only lasts maybe a few hours. Yes, it costs more... but it's worth every penny!

The Brentwood Farmers Market also had some awesome clothing, jewelry, and hat stands. So much fun! I didn't spend too much time browsing the racks, but there were definitely some great items there.

And let me tell you about these amazing cakes! Probably horrible for you and loaded with sugar... but oh well, they tasted amazing. Not to mention I was a bit of a latecomer, so I snagged a great deal. Vendors often will give you lower prices if you're there near closing, but be warned that you might miss out on the best items and freshest produce if you aren't there early in the morning. 

Plus, let me tell you about how big of a sucker I am for flowers. Even better are flowers at amazing prices! I bought a bouquet of these lovely hot pink snapdragons that are now decorations my entire apartment. 10 stems can definitely go a long way! I spread them out into four mason jars so that each room could be brightened up a bit. The snap dragons are such a full flower that 2-3 stems can definitely fill up a small vase or jar. 

The greatest surprise to me was the petting zoo at the south end of the market! There were goats, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, and even alpacas! This particular farmers market was great and I will probably be finding myself back there next Sunday!

Dress: Lulu*s
Boots: Steve Madden
Camera Bag: Jo Totes
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  1. I love farmers markets. Especially the ones in California. everything is so much more fresh!


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