What Inspires Me- Chalkboard Paint!

This week I've been finding inspiration in covering every surface I lay eyes on with chalkboard paint. Ok... maybe not everything because, let's face it, I would never get my security deposit back in my apartment if the closet doors and walls and possibly even fridge were chalkboard painted. So what have I been up to? Let's see...

These are so fun and super easy! All you need is:
  • Chalkboard paint for glass
  • A picture frame
  • Paint for the frame
  • A foam brush for the glass and a bristled brush for the frame
Take out the glass insert and follow the directions on the chalkboard paint for painting the glass. While the glass is out, paint the frame. Once all is dry, put the glass back inside and display where you want!

If you want to buy one that is already made, go check it out on my Etsy Shop!
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$18 on Etsy

I picked out a shade of chalk paint from Joann's a few weeks back when I had a 25% off coupon. (Love those!) I had an old and ugly clipboard lying around. After a few coats and a bit of drying time, it was ready to hang on the wall.

Ready to display!

Depending on where you buy wooden crates, they can be relatively cheap. Same drill with the clipboard- grab a brush and paint on a few coats and wait to dry.

This chalkboard crate helps cut down on video game clutter

What do you like to turn into a chalkboard? Kitchen cabinets? Books? Walls? Comment below and let me know!


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