Jo Totes: Missy Mint

My camera is back and the sensor is finally clean! (Took you enough times, B&H.) I have since realized that my small amount of gear that I do have is not stored and transported in an organized manner. I scoured the internet for HOURS trying to find a camera bag that was not only affordable, but fit in with my personal style. I didn't want something that was a backpack, made out of canvas, or looked like a diaper bag. Basically I wanted a purse... a camera bag in a purse disguise.

Well, I found it!

This bag is adorable! It is roomy enough for my camera (Sony A6000), three lenses, a lens adapter, laptop, cell phone, cords, and wallet... with a bit of room to spare! It came with five internal velcro separators that are 1/2" padding. Included is a removable cross-body strap to easily tote around! The Missy Mint camera bag is a gorgeous mint colored bag that looks and feels durable and quality made. I am in love and can't wait to bring it everywhere!

I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Jo Totes, I am just sincerely happy with my purchase. This bag is only $119 and can be found at
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