February 27, 2015

What Inspires Me: Glitter!

Lately I've been on a glitter binge. (And by lately I mean my whole life). Honestly, there hasn't been a time where I wouldn't choose something glittery over anything else. My favorite colors are pink, purple, and glitter. My sister calls me a raccoon because I'm attracted to sparkly things. You get the picture...

Listen, I understand that some people cringe at the thought of glitter. Yes, it gets everywhere and you find specks randomly for weeks to come (which seems like a plus to me, but whatever) and yes, it can draw loads of attention. My boyfriend is deathly afraid of it getting anywhere near his expensive camera equipment. Apparently people are shipping glitter bombs in the mail to their enemies. I get it. But then again, I don't. My affinity for glitter is too strong and I'm way too biased.

But glitter is no longer just for the art projects of second graders!

Today I went to Michael's and bought a 24 pack of glitter Washi tape. My heart is happy. Did I mention I had a 20% off coupon?! That's like gold! I think I originally went there to buy a roll of cork (although I can't be sure because once you enter those automatic doors, you realize that you went there to buy everything. The whole store.) In a day or two I'm pretty sure that the entirety of my apartment will be covered in glitter Washi tape... I'll keep you posted.

February 20, 2015

Jo Totes: Missy Mint

My camera is back and the sensor is finally clean! (Took you enough times, B&H.) I have since realized that my small amount of gear that I do have is not stored and transported in an organized manner. I scoured the internet for HOURS trying to find a camera bag that was not only affordable, but fit in with my personal style. I didn't want something that was a backpack, made out of canvas, or looked like a diaper bag. Basically I wanted a purse... a camera bag in a purse disguise.

Well, I found it!

This bag is adorable! It is roomy enough for my camera (Sony A6000), three lenses, a lens adapter, laptop, cell phone, cords, and wallet... with a bit of room to spare! It came with five internal velcro separators that are 1/2" padding. Included is a removable cross-body strap to easily tote around! The Missy Mint camera bag is a gorgeous mint colored bag that looks and feels durable and quality made. I am in love and can't wait to bring it everywhere!

February 18, 2015

What Inspires Me- Chalkboard Paint!

This week I've been finding inspiration in covering every surface I lay eyes on with chalkboard paint. Ok... maybe not everything because, let's face it, I would never get my security deposit back in my apartment if the closet doors and walls and possibly even fridge were chalkboard painted. So what have I been up to? Let's see...

These are so fun and super easy! All you need is:
  • Chalkboard paint for glass
  • A picture frame
  • Paint for the frame
  • A foam brush for the glass and a bristled brush for the frame
Take out the glass insert and follow the directions on the chalkboard paint for painting the glass. While the glass is out, paint the frame. Once all is dry, put the glass back inside and display where you want!

If you want to buy one that is already made, go check it out on my Etsy Shop!
Click here for Etsy Listing.
$18 on Etsy

February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that cynical and yes, I do believe in love. However, I believe that the feelings and grand gestures that are planned and saved for V-Day shouldn't be reserved for a single 24 hours. Spread love every day! Surprise someone because it is a random Tuesday! Don't let the big brand names control your idea of Holidays and love. With that being said, my Valentine's day was no different that most other Saturdays... and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Blurry Shadow People!
Saturdays in Southern California are made for adventure! My handsome man and I made around an hour trek from LA (traffic was light) to just south of Agoura Hills. Nestled up in the Santa Monica Mountains, Paramount Ranch was the perfect place to spend a non-traditional Valentines day. 
The 'Farmer's Exchange' at the Western Town in Paramount Ranch
'Hotel Mud Bug'