December 11, 2015

Christmas Catch-up

Shoutout to all my fellow procrastinators! It's mid-December and my Christmas shopping has hardly begun, cards have been yet to be sent out (let alone ordered), and my house is minimally decorated. I'm giving myself a bit of a break because all of my time and effort has been put towards wedding planning since getting engaged last month, and my tree is up- baby steps! The good news is all hope is not lost. I've compiled a list of sale codes and my favorite gifts for under $25. 
Remember to factor in shipping time, so grab these codes and links, do some shopping, and pat yourself on the back for another year of procrastinating success!

For cards, decor, and personalized gifts, head over to Zazzle! This site is my current obsession. I've sent in at least 5 orders over the past week. Also, when you sign up for Zazzle Black , you get free ground shipping with every order! I'll add a post soon about my bridesmaid ask cards that I ordered from here! 
Shop Custom Wrapping Paper & More!
75% off Holiday Cards (ends 12/16) Use Code 75OFFHOLIDAY
20% off All Orders (ends 12/15) Use Code ZGIFTSBYXMAS
Personalized Ceramic Ornaments- starting at $6 (ends 12/13)
To keep up to date you can go straight to their current coupons page here.

I love Lulu*s for every occasion, and a party dress form their online boutique will add sparkle to any holiday party. I even ordered my dress for my bridal shower (even though it's 7 months away) on an amazing sale! 
Shop For Cute Dresses At LuLu*s
Shop LuLu*s and enjoy $10 off + Free Shipping on orders over $100 - Use promo code 'Freeship10' at checkout. Click here!
30% off Test Drive Light Blush Dress (ends 1/5/2016)
30% off Make it Strappy Blue Two-Piece Dress (ends 1/5/2016)
30% off Get the Memo Royal Blue Pencil Skirt (ends 1/5/2016)

Other Codes and Sales
Saks Fifth Avenue- up to 40% off designer collections through 12/14
Last Call- Friends and Family Sale! 30% off merchandise or 40% off items when using Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus card.
Barneys New York- 40% off sale with new designers added

Here are a few favorite holiday gifts under $25

**This post contains affiliate links, but I was not paid to write this post. If you buy through a link provided I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own!

October 1, 2015

Dressing for Fall (When it Still Feels Like Summer)

The majority of my life I've lived in cities of eternal summer. Although the weather is a great thing, I really feel like I'm missing out when fall rolls around. When I lived in New York, fall was my favorite time of year. I spent the season apple picking, drinking warm spiced cider, tasting all the hot chocolate the city had to offer, and daydreaming under the turning leaves in Central Park. I want to cry thinking about it because it was 95 degrees today in Southern California... but regardless, I'm going to dress for fall!

Breathable Layering
Fall is a time for layering, and extra heat doesn't have to stop you! Keep the layers light in a breathable fabric (think cotton, not synthetic fabrics like polyester) and be strategic about how the layers will be paired together. A dress, scarf, and boots are great, but jeans, a cardigan, scarf, and boots might be overkill. Also remember, layers are removable if the sun is shining too bright!

Less Weight
I love sweaters more than the next girl, but in an Indian summer sweaters must either be lightweight or sleeveless. As comfortable as it may be in real fall weather, sweating is the opposite of comfort. Embrace those summerweight sweaters! Here are some of my favorite picks.

Breezy Boots
I love boots... Probably way too much. In New York I could wear them for more than half of the year (often out of necessity). I still wear them way too much of the year in L.A., despite the often hot temperatures. Like everything else in this post, the more breathable the better! Some of my favorites include fringe, chunky heel booties, and deep, rich colors.

Focus on Accessories
This is where the weather can't dictate my life! Hats block out the sun (rather than the chilly wind), purses show off fall colors, and jewelry adds just the perfect touch. The right accessories and colors will getting you into that pumpkin spice latte mood (iced, of course). Incorporate earth tones and deep jewel tones.

Which are your favorites? Are you lucky enough to enjoy fall and all of its beauty, or do you have to hoard all of the pumpkin goods and pretend the season is changing like me? Happy October, y'all!

September 2, 2015

Back to Campus Care Package

Starting a new year of college is always an exciting journey. It's a big deal! I've been graduated for three years now and still reminisce on my college days. Those four years were full of learning, stress, fun, and growing majorly as a person. One thing I do know is the importance of feeling confident and ready for the year! I made a care package to send my little sister entering into her sophomore year so she can have a few essentials.

1. Schick® Hydro Silk  
Don't underestimate the need for silky smooth legs! Schick® disposable razors can give anyone a bit of extra confidence when embarking on a new adventure. I bought mine at Walmart.

2. Planner
Don't go to college without one. Period.

3. Larabars
A healthy snack is important for peak brain power! (Especially when they're gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and delicious).

4. Pencil Pouch
Although most work in college nowadays is done on the computer, you still need pencils and pens. Having a place to keep track of them is important (or else they will join you bobby pins in lostville). 

5. File Folders
These were cute and in the dollar bin at Target, so I couldn't say no...

6. Earbuds
Whether you're passing the time between classes, blocking outside noise while studying, or reviewing your latest lecture, headphones are a necessity!

7. Hand Sanitizer
Colds. Ain't nobody got time for that.

8. Sticky Notes
Everybody needs sticky notes, and that's a fact*.
(*according to me)

9. Paper Clips
Once again, I raided the dollar bin at Target...

My sis and I both love Schick® disposable razors! It's literally always a stocking stuffer at our family Christmases. It's something that makes us both feel great and confident and is a no brainer for care package!
These sticky notes are adorable! The even say 'blah blah blah' on the bottom... which is totally how some days go. The pencil case, file folders, and planner all also have fun patterns.
All the items are together and now I'm ready to send it off and wish my little sis another great year!

Don't forget to check out the Schick® Selfie Sweeps and show your #SchickSummerSelfie!

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August 31, 2015

Bedroom Update

Guys... Making a bedroom come together is basically a full time job. I've been in a new house for almost two months now and it's still not complete. Despite this fact, I thought I would share a quick update of some of my favorite pieces so far! 

The bedding I have tends to get changed out (a lot) because my dog finds it funny to jump into the pond and then run inside and roll around the bed. Because of this, I've found a cheap and simple back-up duvet cover that's around $20! It's definitely not fancy in any way... but it looks decent and I don't feel bad when my smelly pup wreaks her havoc on it. I wasn't ready to settle on anything scratchy as far as sheets and pillowcases go. Polyester is the worst for my sensitive skin, and although silk is too expensive at the moment for sheets, I found a great deal on a silk pillowcase! Great alternatives to silk for sheets (for those of us with sensitive skin) are organic extra long staple cotton and sheets with fibers made from bamboo.

After weeks and weeks of deciding on the right TV console (after finally giving in to the idea of actually having a TV in the bedroom), I picked out one that fits perfect. I'll give you fair warning... It's a bit more complicated to put together than a piece from IKEA. A handy friend (or boyfriend in my case) is needed if furniture making isn't your thing. The time and effort is worth it because it's such a good looking piece!
My office is in my bedroom, and although the decor is separate I still consider it a part of the room as a whole. I think my favorite piece I've ever bought is the french bulldog tape dispenser from Target. Do I use tape frequently? Not really... but it makes me happy, so that's what matters. My blue office chair is one of those pieces that doesn't completely fit in with the style of everything else, but a purchase I made out of sheer comfort. I can't stand the feel of most chairs (or for sitting that long to be honest), but this chair is great! I keep an accent pillow on it for extra back support. The shelves are listed below but in different colors, so I also linked a similar pair that is in the same white color. They are simple shelves that have followed me around since I lived in New York and hold my cheesy trinkets (that are probably a major style faux pas but hold sentimental value).

So far I have most of the pieces I need and am just working on the finishing touches. I love to accrue little pieces here and there from various places. It's definitely easy to find eclectic and vintage pieces in and around Los Angeles (Melrose Trading Post, anyone?). When that fails, you can always find a bargain on knickknacks at T.J. Maxx and Ross (like the baskets pictured below).

Once everything is together I'll add some pictures! But for now I'm just going to watch 'Wildest Dreams' on repeat...

August 25, 2015

Schick Disposable Razors- Back to Campus (and Sweepstakes!)

This past week I took a trip to my neighborhood Walmart to grab a new razor. To no surprise, I picked out my favorite Schick disposable razor- the Hydro Silk. Between the Walmart price and the convenience of a Schick disposable product, it was an easy choice. I'm the type of person that tends to stick with what works, and this one does the trick for me! 

For those of you going back to college, have a chance to do so in style! You can enter the Schick® Selfie Sweepstakes here for a chance to win $10,000 towards college tuition.

Next Wednesday I'll show you my favorite back-to-college products and the care package I sent to my sweet baby sis entering her second year of college!

Let's see your #SchickSummerSelfie!

Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

August 24, 2015

Back to School Fall Style

Happy back to school day! From my niece starting her first day of kindergarten to my friends continuing their graduate studies (or even to those that have been at the same job for years and don't get a summer), today is a fresh start and a great time for a new wardrobe! Soon enough flowy summer frocks will be replaced by sweaters and boots... Bring on the hot apple cider and the pumpkins my friends! I've made some lists below of my favorite pieces that will bring you from the last few days of summer into the transition of fall (and all things pumpkin spice, am I right?).

Sweater weather is love. It means there is a pie baking in my oven and a chill in the air. It's almost fall and these sweaters deserve a second look! (Plus guys, sweaters are like pajamas you can wear in public). 

Jeans and Leggings
Although I'm not always a fan of jeans (because, let's face it they aren't a dress or pajamas), I do love leggings. Boyfriend jeans, like this pair, are also a great option for comfort.

Fringe and deep rich colors are trending this fall. I love these Joie fringe booties, but a more affordable option would be these Steve Madden fringe booties for under $100. Hunter boots are a classic fall staple that belong anywhere there is rain, and definitely in your closet!

Long gone are the days of boring backpacks! These options range from affordable (under $40) to droolworthy (over $1000). Even if you aren't in school, these backpacks are amazing for many occasions!

What are your favorite fall staples? Comment below and let me know!

August 5, 2015

San Diego Zoo...

Get ready for picture overload! I finally got around to uploading the hundreds upon hundreds of pics I took over a week ago at the San Diego Zoo. I love almost everything about zoos (except how animals are stuffed into environments way too cramped for them, and often times way out of their natural climate... but we won't get into that too much today). 
My beautiful niece loved learning about so many animals she's never heard of before. This sweet girl is about to start kindergarten in a few weeks (and she already knows how to read!).
Shampoo commercial anyone? Haha he was definitely showing off for us. 
Squished coins are one of my favorite trinkets from zoos and amusement parks and I loved sharing this tradition with my nieces and nephews! Also, my giraffe tank is 40% off! My sunnies are sold out but the ripped boyfriend jean shorts can be found here.
Little J likes to eat with his toes... He literally has a teddy graham in those puppies. To each their own I guess! Side note about this kid- he took off one of his shoes about ten minutes in and lost it, so he was in the stroller all day long.
I took so many pictures of the secretary bird because of sheer lash envy. Besides the beautiful eyes, they are amazing hunters catching prey ranging from snakes and tortoises to hares and even crabs. So awesome!
One of my favorite cats is the serval. They are solitary and territorial, intelligent, and hunt small prey, often playing with it before eating it. 
To last animal of the day we saw was the panda! The line earlier in the day was over a half an hour, but nearing sundown there was less than a two minute wait. This guy just wanted to eat some bamboo and take a pee break... oh to be an animal.

A photo posted by @miscellaneousmelanie on
And seriously, get the caramel churro sundae. SO worth it!

Linked below are a few awesome animal tanks :)