The Bright Side

Happy Monday!
I'm trying out this new concept today... It's often something foreign to many of us. It can easily disappear, yet is just as easily contagious. When life is going our way it is easy to have, yet not so much when life knocks you down. Ready for the lame inspirational punchline? The answer is... positivity! Yeah, I know... nothing magical, miraculous, or even new here. The point you ask? Focusing on the negative is never helpful. In fact, it can be destructive. Bad experiences can drive us to work harder and learn what to do different next time; however, being negative only leads to a pattern of continuing negativity.

Yesterday was a rough day. Like having plans for weeks but instead being stranded in South Central LA because of a broken fuel pump in the car rough. On an empty stomach rough. And then finding out how much it costs to replace a fuel pump kind of rough, awful, bad kind of day. Despite Murphy showing us his law of how much can and will go wrong (thanks a lot, Murph), lessons were learned.
First off, we were able to get off of the freeway and push the car to a gas station. We had to pay a few people on the street corner to help us, but I had a few dollars on me (which is not common). After that, people were so kind to check on us and make sure we were ok. The tow truck took about a half hour, but thanks to AAA, we were able to get that tow. The driver was really kind and took us to where we needed, and amazingly we found a repair shop within a mile of our house that was open on Sunday. My main takeaway is that situations are often out of our control. Having a sour mood is not going to change what happened. Yes, disappointment is bound to affect us, but we do not have to let that control us.

Think of a few things when life isn't going your way:

Will it Matter Ten Years From Now?
Or even tomorrow? If the answer is no, let it slide. You'll get 'em next time.

Take A Real Look at Your Life
I'm sure that you could make an enormous list of all the good in your life. Focus on that and be thankful for what you have.
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” -"The Help"

Something Good May Come
Maybe you missed that light but avoided an accident. Perhaps you learned all the wrong ways to do something and can gain a better perspective to finally get it right if you keep trying. Maybe what you wanted wasn't what was best for you.
Just the other day I went to a concert and could not find parking anywhere. When I did I was nearly an hour late for the line up time and got to the line about twenty minutes before they closed the gates. It was one of those general admission situations where the earlier you arrive, the closer you are to the stage. However, stressing about being late and barely getting in was not worth it. They pulled around 50 people out of the exact portion of the line that I was in to move up next to the stage. Two minutes earlier and I would have been in the back. Everything works out for a reason!
When something bad happens, know that something even better may be waiting for you.

Take it in Stride
We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, "Why did this happen to me?" unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way. -Author Unknown

Brighten Up Some Else's Day
You never know who may benefit from your sunny mood. Laugh! It's contagious.

There is a time and a place for sadness and anger, but always try to look for the bright side.

What keeps you positive? What good has come out of rough situations? What advice can you give? Comment and share below!


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