How to Create a Productive Workspace

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Sitting at a desk may not be for everyone; however, it doesn't have to be torture. With a few simple tweaks it can a happy, inspirational, and productive space!

1. Reduce Mess and Clutter
I cannot stand being in a messy area. It's torture and all I can focus on is what needs to be cleaned. The mess can become a major creative block that slows down (if not completely halts) what needs to be accomplished. Additionally, if you can't find what you need, your efficiency is going to suffer.

2. Remove Distractions
This one goes hand in hand with reducing clutter (well, if you hate messes like myself). What distracts you? Is it the mess, loud noises, or even a boring white wall that you keep staring at? Remove it! Ok, maybe don't be too drastic with the wall one and just paint it... Anyways, distractions are the killer of all productivity, and I'm sure everyone can agree (ahem, thanks a lot Facebook!). Some distractions are unavoidable: crying kids (technically just kids in general), traffic noises, and if you're like me, a giant snoring dog sleeping in the corner of the room. If you can't remove distractions, do your best to work with or around them! Shout out to those supermoms that make anything look possible!

3. Add Inspiration Pieces
This one is my favorite! What sparks your creativity? What gets you motivated? It could be a candle, a painting, a picture of a loved one, a colorful display of your pencils and markers... Whatever it may be, make your workspace an inviting place. Chances are if you like how it looks, you will want to spend more time there.

4. Keep Necessary Items Nearby
Notebook, pens, paperclips, snacks; whatever it may be, if you have to search for it, it's going to waste your time. Not that I did this five minutes ago or anything, but if you don't put that expensive drawing pen you just bought yesterday back where it belongs, it may go join your lost socks in the land of missing items.

5. Spend a Few Minutes Before Working to Make Your Area a Calm and Productive Space
Turn on a light, declutter, listen to some music, dust, draw a picture, read a story, write ANYTHING... whatever gets you in the zone, do that and start off on a good note to continue your day in a positive way.

6. Don't Put too Much Pressure on Yourself. RELAX!
Calm down and feel inspired! Know that you are amazing and you've got this! Go watch that cat video on YouTube... you know you want to. I agree that most jobs are stressful, but if you are focusing too much on what you haven't done, you will have less time actually getting real work done. Take it one step at a time and tackle that to-do list.

7. Do What Works for You
You are not me and this list might not apply to you at all. Figure out what motivates and inspires you and go with that! If you love staring at that blank wall or dust and clutter help you think, to each their own. Maybe you thrive under pressure... you have fun with that! And finally, if you are going to binge watch those cat videos, maybe shut YouTube down...

Or not!

Agree? Disagree? Hate cats? Comment below and let me know!


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